20 May,


The Sticker Hunt is open !

The Travel Quest is coming soon ! Until we start the real adventure, we’ve decided to give you a glimpse of what’s in store for you and help you get ready before the big start !So grab your magnifying glass and put your GPS on, because the sticker hunt is starting… 

What is the Sticker Hunt ? 

The Travel Quest is off on a world tour ! And just like the little thumb, it sowed a lot of clues in its path! The Travel Quest Stickers have been hidden all over the world. Your mission? To find them! At the corner of your street or 8-hours flight away, they can be anywhere.

Why should you look for them ?  

Because they’re not just any stickers: they can make you win your Travel Quest pass!
How ? – Find your sticker
           – Take a picture of it
           – Share it on social networks by tagging @TheTravelQuest

A draw will be held among the best sticker hunters to offer 5 of them their pass…

Bonus : you can increase your chances of winning by solving the puzzle on the sticker ! 

We’ll help you a little !  

The whole world may be a little too vague to find sticker ! That’s why we will regularly give you hints on our Facebook and Instagram ! 

Keep an eye out, a sticker may be in the street next door ! 😉

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