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After Harry Potter, The Travel Quest takes you to a new world … Come with us in the footsteps of the critically acclaimed TV Show: Game Of Thrones! Following the final clap of the series, we wanted to go and discover the fabulous scenery of Westeros: Northern Ireland, Croatia, Iceland… Are you ready to discover the sets of your favorite show? Let’s go!

Travel is coming…


An Irish road trip on Causeway Costal Road

Causeway Costal Road is a road in Northern Ireland that runs along the coast from Belfast to Derry. 200 kilometers of incredible landscapes that form one of the most beautiful road-trip in the world. But in addition to delighting road-trip enthusiasts, the Causeway Costal Road will please all Games Of Thrones fans as it features many film locations such as Ballintoy Harbour, or Larrybane Quarry, which served as the location for Renly Baratheon’s camp.

Keep your eyes open, at each location there is a sign that will explain the backstage of the show!

Larrybane Quarry


© The Sarah Story

Ballintoy Harbour


© Culture Trip

Larrybane Quarry


©  Lonely Traveler

Keep moving on to Causeway Costal Road because you are going to enjoy the following ! You can stroll on The Dark Hedges, one of the most beautiful roads in the country but not only! Indeed, it is the royal road, the real emblem of Games Of Throne.

A hike in the volcanic landscape of Iceland

We now go to Iceland in Thingvellir National Park. Walk in the footsteps of your favourite heroes in the midst of these volcanic landscapes that welcomed the unlikely duo of Arya Stark and Sandor Clegane.


© Travelade


© Fangirl Quest


© Nordic Visitor

And how to get to Iceland without going through one of Game Of Thrones’ must-see attractions? Do you know what we’re talking about? And yes! We will take you immediately to the south-east of Iceland for a tour in the lands of the eternal winter. You can stroll to Vatnajökull Park, where Jon Snow’s north of the Wall exploits were filmed, or take a trip to Jökulsarlon, the park’s glacial lagoon.

A detour on the trail of Winterfell in Scotland

What self-respecting Games Of Thrones fan has never dreamed of leaving to conquer Winterfell alias the place where it all started? Then let’s go, we take you right away to Scotland and more precisely to the medieval castle of Doune and its surroundings to discover the castle of the Stark House!

© Travelade

A walk in the iconic city of Dubrovnik

Right now, we’re changing registers! We leave the north wind to find the fortified city of Dubrovnik located along the Dalmatian coast in Croatia! And it doesn’t stop there because this city has hosted more than one Games Of Thrones shoot. It makes sense when you think that it is none other than Port Réal, the capital of the Seven Crown !

A stay in Malte

How about we go down even further south? Let’s go to Malta, the island off the coast of Italy! To begin, we stop on Gozo Island, northwest of the Maltese archipelago, which hosts the arch of the French window where Daenerys Targaryens and Khal Drogo were married. And you know what else? For the most fans among you, know that weddings are allowed here !

We stay in Malta but this time we move to the small town of Mdina, also called the Silent City. We promise you a nice walk in the small streets that should remind you of Port Réal! Indeed, the streets of the smallest Maltese city inspired Port Réal but also hosted some shoots of Daenerys in Essos.

Gozo Island 








© Love Holidays

There are still countless film locations in the show, and not all of them would be possible here!
But, now you have a glimpse of the most beautiful places … So, ready to conquer Westeros?

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