15 August,


Sticker Hunt : Win $500

📣 Join our Worldwide #StickerHunt! 🎟️

By participating in our stickers hunt you can win:

💸 A cash prize of $500

🗺️ 🔍 Your pass for The Travel Quest the Largest Treasure Hunt Ever!

How does it work?

☝️ Go hunting for #TheTravelQuest stickers:

Some clues about their locations can be found on our Facebook page and Instagram account.

✌️ Take a picture of the sticker and submit it on social media:

By tagging @TheTravelQuestAdventure on Facebook and @thetravelquestadventure on Instagram. And use #TheTravelQuest and #StickerHunt.

🤟 Invite 2 friends on your post to join this crazy adventure!

🎩 We will draw 2 Questers’ names from a hat on September 12th: 2 of them will receive a $500 cash prize, and 5 will receive their “pass” for The Travel Quest.

🚀 Ready, Set, Go!


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