About The Travel Quest

Who are we ?

Hmm … From you to us … 2 great kids 😉, curious about everything, thirsty for adventure, travel and adrenaline.

By this same curiosity, we quickly became passionate about new technologies, through a childhood punctuated by the emergence of Personal Computer, the World Wide Web, and the possibilities that glimpsed this “New World”.

This lead us straight into the same school where, for 5 years, we unlocked all the secrets giving us the keys to exploit this universe of possibilities offered by computer technologies.

A universe that only limit is the imagination, and that’s good, remember we are 2 children above all! 😉

How was the Travel Quest born ?

What traveler lovers has never dreamed of conquering the World and its most beautiful corners?

What adventurer in the soul never dreamed of experiencing the excitement of a discovery? Like the first explorers, a pirate crew in search of treasure, or “Professor Jones” in his archeological adventures!

For the most avaricious of us, who has never wished to go on a quest for crystal balls or the genius lamp, in order to see his wildest dreams fulfilled 😉 ?

Our Temporal Convector Delorean is still in the testing stage, and for those wishing to live the contemporary adventure off the screen 😊, so The Travel Quest was born!