Who are we ?

Between you and me… 2 grown-up children 😉, curious about everything, thirsty for adventure, travel and adrenaline.

Through this same curiosity, we quickly developed a passion for new technologies, as we grew up with the rise of Personal Computers, the World Wide Web, and the possibilities that this “new world” offered.

This led us straight to the same school where, for 5 years, we will unlock all the secrets that give us the keys to exploit this universe of possibilities offered by computer technologies.

A universe that only limit is imagination, and it’s a good thing, remember we are 2 children above all! 😉

How did the Travel Quest start ?

Which travel lover has never dreamed of conquering the World and its most beautiful corners?

What adventurer at heart never dreamed of experiencing the excitement of a discovery? Such as the first explorers, a pirate crew in search of treasure, or “Professor Jones” in his archeological adventures!

For the most avaricious among us, who has never wished to go on a quest for crystal balls or the genius lamp, in order to see his/her wildest dreams fulfilled 😉 ?

Our Temporal Convector Delorean is still under testing, and for those wishing to live the contemporary adventure off the screen 😊, this is how The Travel Quest was born!





Passionate for new technologies from a young age, Nadjim studied information technology and became CISO (Chief Security Officer).
Eager for exploration and new adventures, Nadjim had several successful entrepreneurial experiences!

Today, he is proud to launch a dream project with his long-time friend, the one that gathers all its passions: technology, travel, game!




Managing Director


Just like his friend, Ahmed was raised with a passion for new technology.
He met Nadjim at the university, where he studied information technology and later became a Systems architect.
Curious about everything, thirsty for adventure, travel, and adrenaline, Ahmed worked as a freelance consultant to take part in more and more new adventures, whose domains, stakes and challenges vary so always, source of exploration and discoveries!


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