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STORM 42 is the legal structure developing The Travel Quest, the largest treasure hunt ever organized.

Embark on the largest ever treasure hunt: a quest around the world for 12 months. Find 7 scattered items in 7 locations across 7 continents and win a huge prize!

This Privacy Policy applies to all STORM 42 SA websites.

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1. Introduction

Since its creation, STORM 42 has placed a great importance on respect for privacy.

Thus, STORM 42 is committed to the protection and respect of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the law and regulations in force, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (“RGDP”) in force from May 25, 2018.

The Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) of STORM 42 aims to inform you in a transparent manner about its practices regarding the collection, use, sharing of information that you will be required to introduce on the website of STORM 42 or its trademarks (together the “Site”), accessible from the main internet address https://www.the-travel-quest.com.

This Policy (as well as any document referred to in this Policy, such as the Cookies Policy) outlines how STORM 42 processes the personal information collected and provided by you. STORM 42 invites you to read this document carefully to know and understand its practices regarding the processing of your personal data.

The terms used in this Policy will be as defined by applicable law and / or RGDP.


2.The information that STORM 42 harvest

STORM 42 may collect and process the following data relating to:

  • visitors
  • participants
  • partners


3.How does STORM 42 use the collected data?

STORM 42 uses the data collected for the purpose of:

  • Register participants to The Travel Quest
  • Communication with people interested in the services of STORM 42
  • Marketing communication
  • Analysis of the activity on the STORM 42 sites
  • Development of the community around the services of STORM 42


4. Who are the recipients of the information collected by STORM42 and why send them this information?


4.2. STORM 42 works in close collaboration with the companies of third companies that can have access to your Personal Data, this is particularly the case:

  • in terms of technical services,
  • deliver the services of STORM 42
  • for suppliers
  • in internal administrative and accounting matters
  • in statistical analysis


4.3.STORM 42 does not share the data with third parties mentioned in 4.2. only in the following cases:

  • When STORM 42 uses suppliers to improve and optimize its Site and services;
  • When using communication tools (social networks), mail client to communicate with you,
  • Where STORM 42 (1) has the legal obligation to comply with a request for justice, (2) in an emergency involving the physical integrity of a person, (3) must enforce a contract or prepare the execution of a contract between its users and its customers, (4) guarantee the rights of STORM 42;
  • In the event of sale or acquisition of a business or assets, STORM 42 reserves the right to share the personal data of its users with the potential seller or buyer of this company or these assets.
  • If STORM 42 or all or part of its assets are bought back by a third party, the data in its possession will, if necessary, be transferred to the new owner.
  • Under current regulations and with the consent of its users when necessary, STORM 42 can aggregate data from them and send them to the various STORM 42 services, including all or part of the personal data of its users. and the collected cookies. The use of such information will be strictly controlled by the purposes previously described.
  • The fact of letting STORM 42 access to personal data via social networks, makes opposable their policy of confidentiality and conditions of use to the users only. STORM 42 has no control over the data collection or processing that is done by these networks.


5.How does STORM 42 use and moderate comments?

STORM 42 reads the comments left on its blog and makes sure that the comments do not contain inappropriate contents.


6. E-mails that STORM 42 sends


6.1. STORM 42 may use your data provided on the Site only in accordance with the legislation in force and with your consent when it is required, in particular to (1) send targeted marketing content (2) send a newsletter (3) analyze use of the site (4) send an invitation to participate in an event.


6.2. STORM 42, by virtue of its legitimate interest, may send you emails if you are likely to be interested in its services or if you have shown an interest in its services.


6.3. In accordance with the legislation in force, at any time, you can decide to no longer receive STORM 42 emails by withdrawing your consent, for this you can unsubscribe via the unsubscribe link available below each email communication or by contacting with STORM 42 by sending an email with the description of the request to the address:


6.4. For personal data that has not been collected directly by STORM 42, the right of information as defined in the RGPD will be respected by STORM 42 at the time of the first communication to them. At any time, they may decide to implement the rights provided for in 6.3.

On social media platforms (eg Facebook, Twitter): at any time, you can oppose a treatment by configuring the parameters related to the advertising of his account.
On third-party sites: You can refer to the Cookies Policy to understand how to withdraw your consent.


7.Where and how data is transferred by STORM 42

STORM 42 your personal data within the European Union.
However, in connection with the use of the Site, certain data of users may be transmitted in other countries with local laws on the protection of personal data different from the country of residence of the latter.
This occurs especially when the data is transmitted via third-party applications. STORM 42 uses these third-party applications to allow the operation of its services, to communicate with you, to transmit information to the partners needed to provide the services.
When a transfer of this type occurs, STORM 42 will ensure that the processing is carried out in accordance with this Policy and that it guarantees a sufficient level of protection of the users’ personal data by the establishment of either contractual clauses or the European Commission or by adhering to the Privacy Shield.
In a desire for total transparency vis-à-vis its users, STORM 42 undertakes to provide on request the list of countries where the personal data of its users are stored in the European Union, and the list of countries where the data transit occasionally.


8.Safety measures

In order to guarantee an optimal level of security, guaranteeing a complete protection of the collected personal data, STORM 42 will implement all the organizational and technical measures in accordance with the RGPD.
These security measures will require, for example STORM 42 in the case of exercise of rights provided for in 9, a verification of the identity of the applicant.
If you believe that your personal data has been damaged, please contact STORM 42 immediately in accordance with 13.



9.Your rights on your personal data


9.1.Under the applicable law and in accordance with articles 12 and following of the RGPD:

You have the right to access your personal data that is processed and held by STORM 42.
When such a request is made by a user, STORM 42 may before answering, verify the identity of the user by asking him to provide further information to enable him to respond to his request.
In the case of requests that are manifestly unreasonable, excessive, or unfounded, in particular by their number, their repetitive or systematic nature, STORM 42 may either refuse to respond by demonstrating the manifestly excessive or unfounded nature, or require the payment of reasonable expenses that take into account administrative costs incurred in providing information, making communications or taking the requested action.


9.2.Under the applicable law and in accordance with article 12 and following of the GDPR, STORM 42 will respond as soon as possible and in any event, one month after receipt of the request of the user, or within two months given the complexity and the number of requests.

In this case, STORM 42 will inform you of the reasons for the postponement within one month of receiving the request.
You have the option to correct, modify or delete any incorrect information.
You are responsible for providing STORM 42 with complete, accurate and up-to-date information. You have the option of withdrawing your consent at any time.
Any request for modification or deletion may be made by contacting STORM 42 directly under section 13 “Contact STORM 42” below.


9.3.STORM 42 may retain certain personal data of its users if this is required by law.


9.4.Under the applicable law, when this will be the case, especially in France under new article 40-1 of the Data Protection Act, you will be able to give instructions regarding the preservation, erasure and communication of information. your data after your death.




In accordance with its Cookie Policy, STORM 42 uses Cookies to personalize and optimize online browsing and time.



11.Links to other websites and social networks from the STORM 42 Site (https://www.the-travel-quest.com)

The Site may contain certain links to the websites of third parties. As for third-party companies, it will be up to users to read their privacy policy before transmitting their personal data. STORM 42 will not be held responsible for the use that these third-party sites make of the data thus collected and will not be used in any way. case guaranteeing the privacy policy of said third-party sites.



12. Modification of the privacy policy

STORM 42 reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy at any time.
STORM 42 will publish any substantial changes on its Site in a visible manner and it will be applicable upon publication. In this case, STORM 42 will contact you if necessary via your email address. STORM 42 is committed to maintaining full transparency with you regarding the use of your collected data, their subsequent use and the third parties to which STORM 42 intends to communicate it.



13. Contact STORM 42

Users of the Site may contact STORM 42 for any question relating to this Policy or for any request relating to their personal data.
STORM 42 can be contacted via its website at contact@storm42.fr.